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It's easy to become a TripleA member via our online application process.


TripleA welcomes new members. It's easy to become a TripleA member via our online application process. However, there is important timeline information you need to be aware of first and things you will need to read:

  • The TripleA Code of Conduct
  • The conditions of access to the PI scheme (if applicable). Important note - access to our PI scheme can take up to two weeks to complete.
  • Generally, we require our members to utilise one of our bulk dispute resolution deals with either FDR or IFSO.
  • Our membership options and add-ons for advisers and groups.

Membership application and timeframes
Membership approval is typically within two working days after receiving all the required information. What you will need at hand is:

  • Your FSPR number (assuming you are an adviser)
  • Your business contact information.

Through the application process you must make several declarations and agree to be bound by the TripleA's Code of Conduct

Your membership application must be approved by the TripleA Board and does not commence until your subscription payment has been received. We do not provide credit card or automatic payment options.

It is important to note that membership approval is not approval to access our PI scheme, this is a separate and additional process (see below).

Privacy statement
Under the Privacy Act 1993 we are required to inform you that information supplied to TripleA will be entered into a computer and used for membership purposes. If you have any concerns about the use of your information contact TripleA.

Access to TripleA benefits and services
Membership does not automatically guarantee access to TripleA benefits and services, in particular our PI scheme.

Once your membership is confirmed there are two additional steps to join the PI scheme and it's important to be aware that these can take some time:

Step 1: You will be required to log back onto our website and complete some PI declarations and due diligence questions such as previous coverage, claims and work history. The TripleA may also include credit, Police and Companies Office checks. TripleA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to decline PI should information come to light that draws into question an applicant's suitability to access this scheme.

Step 2: Once due diligence is completed your information will be forwarded to our brokers for completion of the online PI proposal form.

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