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Embracing the Code: Building a profitable business

November 5, 2018

The proposed new Code (The Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services: Consultation draft October 2018) has been a long time coming but is worth the wait. It is easy to read, it makes sense and it creates a framework to enable future financial advice providers (FAPs) to operate in a way where they can provide a … Read More

Chair’s report on the sale of AMP Life’s legacy book

November 5, 2018

October has a special place in finance as a month that has traditionally seen volatility in share markets, known as the “October effect”. However, many of our members may now remember it as the month a 169-year-old insurance company died, with the news on 25 October that AMP Life will sell its NZ legacy book … Read More

Ethical investing

November 1, 2018

Robbie Schneider, as a financial specialist, has recently spent time in the USA discussing a niche investment service that helps people get involved in socially responsible investing (SRI). Robbie offers a solution that the client can easily understand. SRI is becoming a mainstream investing style all around the world, with even the lay person interested in … Read More

Director Bio – Robbie Schneider

November 1, 2018

As a teenager in the 1980s, Robbie spent much of his time around a diverse and influential range of people involved in the financial services profession. It was always inevitable this would rub off on him. As is so often the case, the strongest influence started at home. Robbie’s mum, Jenny, joined Cook Taylor Quinn … Read More

Update from the CEO

November 1, 2018

Change continues apace for financial advisers at the moment. The Code Working Group has released its draft Code of Professional Conduct and we are pleased that it reflects much of the feedback the TripleA and other professional bodies gave during earlier consultation rounds. The notion of “good advice outcomes” has been dropped, and the equally … Read More

CEO’s Report – 2018 AGM

September 18, 2018

I’d like to welcome everyone to our AGM. It’s been another very solid year for the TripleA with our landscape dominated by the review of the Financial Advisers Act which soaked up a significant amount of Board and CEO time. We informed last year’s AGM that maintaining our level of reserves and increasing membership would … Read More

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