Acting as a collective voice, on behalf of members, with central government and regulators, and other professional bodies.

Our role

TripleA’s role includes advocating for its members at both the legislative and regulatory level. The board acts as a collective voice, on behalf of members through their Chief Executive with central government and regulators, often in conjunction with other professional bodies. This work includes:

  • Talking on a regular basis to both the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) and the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) to provide input on behalf of all financial advisers about new legislation, regulations, codes of conduct etc.
  • Research, provide feedback and make recommendations to members in respect of new legislation and regulations.
  • When appropriate, attending government select committee meetings on behalf of members to lobby politicians and decision makers.

For financial services companies TripleA:

  • May help negotiate agency terms and conditions, and letters of appointment for TripleA members
  • Can uses the influence of 200 members by taking opinions, queries and concerns to those companies in the interests of our members
  • May represents members in disputes, including when an impasse is reached in the buying or selling of companies.

All members are encouraged to contact the Chief Executive (either individually or as a group) at any time on any issues.