Disputes RESOLUTION Scheme

TripleA has negotiated special dispute resolution bulk deals delivering savings to members.

Bulk deal

Using the influence of our full membership the TripleA has negotiated special dispute resolution bulk deals for our members with both IFSO and FDR, which typically deliver about $200pa of savings to members over what they could get purchasing these services directly themselves.  

Both dispute resolution services provide a range of helpful information, templates and support.

Membership of either IFSO or FDR is a condition of membership
Belonging to one of the bulk deals is a mandatory condition of membership but all the transition costs are covered by TripleA so even if you are half way through the year it doesn’t cost you anything to change.

If you aren’t currently with IFSO or FDR then TripleA simply covers the costs for you to transition – get in touch to discuss how we do this for you.  You will need to complete the IFSO or FDR application process however depending on what service you select.

What if I already belong to IFSO or FDR?
If, when you become a TripleA member, you are already with either IFSO or FDR, it’s simply just a case of ticking a box on our online application process.  Everything else is then managed behind the scenes for you by TripleA.

Either way, regardless of whether you have a 12-month notice period with your current dispute resolution provider, you won’t incur any transition costs to shift schemes.