Developed specifically for financial advisers, providing better coverage with significant savings over other schemes.

Better coverage

TripleA membership gives you access to one of the best PI schemes in the market. This scheme has been developed specifically for financial advisers, providing better coverage with significant savings over other schemes.

Cover benefits
As well as all the usual coverage you would expect from a PI scheme, TripleA’s adviser-specific PI includes complimentary:

  • $500k director and officer cover
  • Insolvency cover
  • Automatic run-off cover if retiring from the industry.

Plus members can also get optional cover for:

  • Outside trustees
  • Employment practices cover
  • Cyber attack, data breaches and impersonation
  • Three-year run on cover.

Comparing my current PI scheme
In the first instance review your current PI scheme against the levels of cover provided, and premiums charged, by the TripleA. This information is available on request. If you require additional information a pre-membership comparison of the benefits and costs of the TripleA PI scheme may be available. To provide this however we require the following information:

  • Your name and contact details
  • The name of your current PI provider and the date the policy is due for renewal
  • A copy of the policy schedule and wording
  • The proportion of your business turnover that is Fire & General related and/or Mortgage Broking related
  • Full details of any claims and/or disputes history
  • Acknowledgement of the Conditions of Access and that run off cover does not apply for previous activities prior to inception date with the TripleA Pi scheme.

Conditions of access to the scheme
To protect members’ interests and ensure continued benefits, there are some special conditions for access to the professional indemnity (PI) scheme. Members accept and agree:

  • That access to the PI scheme is not an automatic condition of TripleA membership
  • That members must be financial and that all PI premiums are also paid on time. Failure to do so will mean scheme membership is cancelled.
  • That information including, but not limited to, claims and disputes history information, will be shared between TripleA and AON to ensure the PI Scheme’s claim history continues to support the best possible policy wording and conditions
  • The annual quoted TripleA PI scheme’s premiums are inclusive of a TripleA administration fee
  • That the master policy document will not be made available to groups or individual members under any circumstances
  • The TripleA PI scheme has been exclusively negotiated on behalf of the TripleA, member groups and individual members as a Master Policy Document. It is tightly held by nominated TripleA Trustees for the purposes of preserving the intellectual property of that policy wording negotiated and built up over twenty years
  • If the Master Policy Document is released in totality, scheme wording and conditions are immediately played off against other schemes even those provided by the same insurer. The insurers response to this situation would be to cease providing a customised PI scheme with better wording, conditions and premiums such as the one enjoyed by TripleA members.

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