The Association has a long history dating back to 1949 when it was established as the National Mutual Field Officers Association.

Delivering flexibilty

For around seventy years the TripleA has been a leading professional body supporting independent financial advisers and their businesses.

The Association has a long history dating back to October 1949 when it was established as the National Mutual Field Officers Association, and in more recent times the AXA Advisers Association or AAA. The purchase of AXA by AMP led to the adoption of the brand name TripleA in 2012.

TripleA exists today to champion the small independent adviser by providing them choices and savings that support their business success for a very low membership subscription.

Members are free to operate completely independently. You are not tied by membership in any way to one product or service provider so you are devoid of any pressure to sell or promote specific products. That independence:

  • Reduces risk to an adviser’s business by not being tied or limited to one or two product providers.
  • Delivers business flexibility, which in turn allows an adviser to provide a comprehensive, high quality advice service to their clients.

In support of this unique approach in recent years TripleA has forged a number of strategic and business partnerships with a range of major players in the New Zealand marketplace. This has enabled us to expand the range of support services we can offer to our members.