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Options and add-ons

TripleA offers both individual and group membership options.

TripleA-discounted DRS arrangements with either FDR or IFSO, and access to the PI scheme, are separate add-ons, conditional on membership, and invoiced and paid for separately.

All prices are exclusive of GST.

Individual membership
Provides access to add-on benefits plus all other membership benefits.

  • 1 adviser: $300 per year

Group/corporate membership
Provides group/corporate access to add-on benefits plus all other membership benefits. Automatic membership and PI approvals may be granted for a group (TripleA reserves the right to determine what comprises a group). A single annual invoice will be issued for a group/corporate and a single payment is required.

  • 15+ advisers: $225 per year, per adviser (25% discount)
  • 30+ advisers: $4500 per year, capped (minimum of 50% discount)

Disputes resolution services (either FDR or IFSO)
You must be a TripleA member to access this pricing, and TripleA will cover any transfer costs for new members exiting their existing DRS.

  • $200 per year, per adviser

PI insurance
TripleA’s PI scheme is recognised as providing the most effective cover for advisers. Payment options are annual or quarterly for direct debit only.

  • $1,175 per year, per adviser base premium

Optional cover (annual cost)

  • Director and officer (top up to $1m cover): $150 
  • Outside trustees: $52 
  • Employment practices (up to 5 staff): $339 
  • Employment practices (per person over 5 staff): $50 
  • Cyber attack and data breaches ($250,000 cover): $400
  • Three-year run on cover* (one-off payment for 3 years): $2,195 (for 3 years’ cover)

* Automatic run on cover if retiring from industry

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