As a teenager in the 1980s, Robbie spent much of his time around a diverse and influential range of people involved in the financial services profession. It was always inevitable this would rub off on him.

As is so often the case, the strongest influence started at home. Robbie’s mum, Jenny, joined Cook Taylor Quinn in 1979 as a secretary, and by 1984 had completed the NZ Diploma in Life Insurance and established Financial Counselling Services.

This business assisted clients in analysing their income and helping them commit to specific savings plans. Today, the foundations and relationships which made this business thrive have transitioned to Robbie along with a name change to Succession First. Thirty-five years on, one thing remains constant – an ever-present desire to help their clients establish financial plans for their future, to stay on track, and to achieve their goals.

Robbie has a mix of a warm and engaging personality, plus a great depth of knowledge based on practical experience and continuous study. His experience has been gained through 12 years of hospitality marketing and sales experience, followed by 15 years in the financial services profession. This is reflected in the time Robbie spent working at Special Risks Insurance (a business dedicated to complex and difficult insurance underwriting), and six years with Meridian Brokers on The Terrace Wellington.

In 2011, Robbie qualified as an Authorised Financial Adviser and Succession First moved to its current premises in Petone. The practice today is based on offering a comprehensive personalised service to clients, based on the traditions of a family business, practical experience, and a thorough process with assistance from long-standing partnerships.

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