It’s been an exceptionally successful 2017/18 FY for the TripleA. We continue to grow and are on track to post a 25% increase in members by 31 March. We are certainly busy, but it is a “good busy” and a great trend to see. We extend a warm welcome to all our new members.

On the legislation/regulatory front the TripleA, along with other professional bodies, continues to advocate on our member’s behalf as the new legislation rolls through the select committee stage. We provided a joint submission on 23rd February, although while we reiterated the points in earlier submissions, we couldn’t comment on the two of the most important elements as these haven’t been clarified by MBIE at this stage. These are the licensing regime and the work of the Code Working Group which is expected to publish its consultation paper mid-March.

Our new website went live a little over a month ago, which has updated and refreshed our brand nicely. You will see we have also spruced up our ezine format to align with the website. The plan for 2018/19 is to continue to ramp up marketing efforts on a number of fronts, so it’s good to have these boilerplate systems looking a little bit fresher.

The Board met in Auckland on the 5th of March and signed off the 2018/19 FY Business Plan. There are quite a number of focus areas including marketing, conference alongside The Association, continuing to work with some of our key business partnerships, further work talking to key adviser groups while also looking at how we can better support succession planning, mentoring systems, and better welcoming new members to the TripleA. There is also a range of back-office enhancements planned so all up a solid year ahead.

Everyone should have had their invoices for membership subs, and in many cases dispute resolution scheme costs, back in mid-February. Please make sure you are financial by 31 March.

The conference registration system for Nelson isn’t quite open but please pencil the dates Wed 20–Fri 22 June in your diary. As soon as registration and programme information is available, we will have it out to you.

Wayne Smith

Chief Executive, TripleA Advisers Association