Our role in life is simply to operate as a not-for-profit adviser association that tries to maximise benefits for advisers and their businesses.

This article explains one of the ways we do that: using our collective negotiating power to make savings for members. For example, the TripleA has deals with two dispute resolution services, IFSO and FDR.

The objective of these bulk deals is to cut your costs as much as possible. Purchasing these services directly costs an individual adviser around $400pa. TripleA only charges $200pa so straight away we have saved our members $200pa.

When someone goes through our online application process they indicate which dispute resolution service they belong to. Our system automatically picks that up which may flow through to an invoice being issued with your membership subs. Your name appears on a schedule of members covered by one of our group deals that gets reconciled with ISFO or FDR each month.

So, if you received a subs invoice from us around mid-February and it also has a dispute resolution scheme charge on it, this is what it relates to.

This is one of many ways having a TripleA membership benefits you. If you have any queries email Christine.