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Welcome to new members

March 13, 2018

From Camelot NZ Ltd, Claire Belch, Michael Heriot From CompassLife, Anthony McCombs, William Hill, Stephen Lee, Marlon de Moulin and Mark Ogden Magali Martin, Cole Murray Group Ltd Dennis Pimentel, Utmost Edge NZ Ltd William Sargent, Rutherford Rede Jason Clark, Finluca Financial Services Ltd Penelope Mason, Wellington Risk Management Specialists Alan Campbell, Premier Life Brokers Brian … Read More

Roadshow and webinar

March 13, 2018

The Code Working Group has published a consultation paper in mid-March regarding the new code of conduct for financial advice services. To receive updates from the Financial Advice Code Working Group subscribe here. Submissions on the paper will close on Monday 30 April 2018. The Code Working Group will be running a roadshow around the … Read More

Dispute resolution promotion

March 13, 2018

Our role in life is simply to operate as a not-for-profit adviser association that tries to maximise benefits for advisers and their businesses. This article explains one of the ways we do that: using our collective negotiating power to make savings for members. For example, the TripleA has deals with two dispute resolution services, IFSO … Read More

Cyber Cover

March 13, 2018

One thing we would love to see, is an uptake of cyber cover. We know this adds an additional expense to your business, but it is arguably one of the greatest risks your business faces in the modern era. Cyber policies provide access 24/7 to respond to an attack on your system, along with cover … Read More

PI scheme update

March 13, 2018

I think most of our members know, our PI scheme is one of the most competitive in the marketplace when comparing premiums and more importantly, when comparing the policy coverage afforded. As most TripleA members are aware, we go to some lengths to vet new applicants to our PI scheme to maintain our excellent claims … Read More

Update from the CEO

March 13, 2018

It’s been an exceptionally successful 2017/18 FY for the TripleA. We continue to grow and are on track to post a 25% increase in members by 31 March. We are certainly busy, but it is a “good busy” and a great trend to see. We extend a warm welcome to all our new members. On … Read More

Adviser annual confirmation
Yearly on date of original registration

DIMS limit break report
13 October 2017

National Certificate students must complete Standard Sets A, D and/or E
15 December 2017

DIMS limit break report
16 Jan 2018

National Certificate enrolments close for Standard Sets B and C
28 February 2018

DIMS limit break report
13 April 2018