Welcome to TripleA

view-TripleA Benefits SummaryWe are a not-for-profit Professional Body for financial advisers with a proud history of almost 70 years.

We have a unique position in the marketplace focusing our support and providing a voice for the small, independent adviser firms.

TripleA is not a dealer group or aggregator its a national network of around 200 advisers that recognise the value of a professional association that goes in to bat for the interests of the small adviser firms.  We:

  • Do not “clip-an-adviser’s-ticket” by taking a proportion of commission payments, in fact we have no involvement whatsoever in what you get paid by product providers.
  • Do not take any “over-rider” payment from product manufacturers.
  • Are independent of product manufacturers and have no vested interest in what you might be recommending for your clients so no pressure whatsoever on you, the adviser, to sell specific products.
  • Are a not-for-profit entity governed largely by an elected Board that operates almost entirely in the cloud keeping its overheads very low, which maximises benefits and value back to advisers themselves.
  • Do deliver real savings to advisers.  Membership subscription plus your annual dispute resolution fee (normally $400 p.a. alone) is $500 p.a. and typically delivers $2500 p.a. of savings per member.

view-Pricing-ScheduleThe Association dates back to October 1949 when it was established as the National Mutual Field Officers Association and in more recent times the AXA Advisers Association or AAA. The purchase of AXA by AMP led to us adopting the brand name TripleA. This reflected both our history and the fact that our advisers are free to operate completely independently and are not tied to any one product or service provider.

In recent years TripleA has forged a number of strategic and business partnerships with a range of major players in the New Zealand marketplace.  As an Association our objective through this approach is to provide advisers and their firms:

  • With real choice for your business as to who you work with devoid of any pressure to sell or promote specific products.
  • Having that choice reduces risk to an adviser’s business by not being tied or limited to one or two product providers and this delivers business flexibility.
  • That flexibility in turn allows an adviser to provide a comprehensive, high quality advice service to their clients.


Our Service Partners

QAN Strategi Financial Dispute Resolution Insurance & Savings Ombudsman Aon