Most members will now be working to ensure they comply with the new legislative regime as it falls into place over the coming couple of years. The TripleA has a strategic partnership with Strategi who can help with this on a range of fronts.

To get started, working your way through their very useful “FAP Toolkit” will be a good exercise. It lays out the key timelines you need to be aware of and a host of issues and questions you need to consider. Get a copy of the Toolkit here.

More so than now, compliance will be central to the work of all financial advisers in future. It’s clear that the FMA will have a strong focus on this from 2020 onwards. We are seeing a number of adviser firms nominating someone within their firm with responsibility for driving compliance. Others are grouping together into slightly larger entities to make it cost-effective to appoint someone into a semi-dedicated compliance role. Either way, Strategi’s Compliance Officers Course may well be of interest. You can get more information here.

For anyone who will be in Auckland on the 6th of September, please note our AGM will be held at 12:30pm, Level 13 in the Vero Centre. If you click ‘TripleA AGM notification’ below, it will provide you with more details. If you are around, please feel free to come along and meet the Board.

A number of members may be affected by the changes at AMP relating to their Quality Advice Network and use of Xplan. The TripleA has been looking at other options that might assist. If you are in this category drop us a line and we will put you in touch with people that may be able to assist.

Once again, I’d like to welcome the new members to the TripleA.

Wayne Smith, CEO