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Save yourself another $200 pa on QAN membership through your TripleA membership.  Then make even more savings on the likes of XPLAN plus access an enormous resource of IP, compliance and best practice material.

AMP’s Quality Advice Network (QAN) provides access to much of the highly valued experience and knowledge that a large financial services organisation and its staff have available from an Advice industry perspective, and also creates structured, cost effective solutions to help advisers grow and manage their businesses.  TripleA members also get a preferential membership rate for QAN.  As part of QAN you have access to an extensive range of business tools and services that include:


Key QAN Membership Benefits for TripleA Members

1. TripleA Member Advisers receive a 40% discount off QAN Membership (standard costs per Adviser are currently $500 pa, and this is reduced to $300 pa).

2. Access to AMP’s Client Relationship Management Platform (CRM) which is XPLAN (Client Focus & Risk Researcher) at a significant discount to market rates (approx. 50%).

3. Access to professional learning and development opportunities, Advisers training courses and recruitment advice (formal New Adviser training at no cost other than own travel/accommodation expenses).

4. Practice Management support tools, to assist with growing the value of an Adviser Practice.

5. Access to Advice and compliance templates (e.g. Statements of Advice and Disclosure Statements).

6. Access to QAN’s Education Exchange Portal, to track CPD’s and, file important compliance documents, and undertake a wide range of training modules.

7. Access to the Adviser Clinic programme, which may be conducted via face to face, Webinar or Video.

8. Access to AMP’s Wealth Platform (WealthView), investment tools, research and support, and telephone/email support from QAN’s specialist investment consultants for advice and guidance.

9. Access to a range of succession solutions to navigate the pathway to exiting your business, including collaboration to creating operational synergies with potential successors to commencing an equity/capital release strategy.

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